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Tripscribbles is my written journey of paths taken, photographs rendered & trip magic.  I hope you enjoy my wanderings & writings. My travel dreams are bigger than a bucket list--they’d fill an ocean!

I want to “experience” fantastic places, meet new people from everywhere & see the beauty that lies in our mountains, oceans, skies, cities & countrysides...all around the world.

It’s been a long, cold winter & it’s not quite February...and I haven’t left this flat, plain state for a few months.  It’s enough to make a girl with wanderlust crazy!

I’ve spent the time earning money (temp and contract jobs), working on building an e-business, reading travel blogs, websites, books & finding other wandering souls to converse with about their past, current & future travels.

If your heart lies more in a backpack or suitcase than on a couch or recliner, I’d love to hear from you....where do you want to explore next?

Live everyday as big as you can,



I’d love to hear from you....
Travel is my muse.  
The journey my education.  
The destination, my dream